• Return on investment: +50
  • Cost per acquisition: -37
  • Conversion rate: +72

Presentation and issues

Ticketmaster has been the leader in ticketing since 1976 and is present in 32 countries. In total, 465 million tickets are sold each year worldwide thanks to the work of 4,000 employees.
Managing a constantly updated catalogue
Adapting to the situation of each event
Controlling the margins that vary with each event


In addition to exploiting the data available in the advertising networks, the SteerFox platform is constantly updated with Ticketmaster’s ticketing and business intelligence systems, to enable advanced management based on the net margins and profitability rates of each show. In addition, the connection of the SteerFox multi-source platform to the various advertising networks (Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook) enables unified campaign management. Tailor-made interfaces can be used to define control settings for each show and provide centralised reporting for all the advertising networks, with simultaneous management of campaigns with different objectives (events, venues, tours).