Pure Player: an acquisition strategy that unlocks the commercial potential of your product catalogue.



On average, e-commerce sites have a presence on Google Shopping, per product.

Develop your sales on Google Ads, a key lever

Google is a key growth driver for Pure Players, with 85%(*) of the desktop search market and 97%(*) of the mobile search market. It is the first lever to activate and strengthen when improving your campaigns (*Source: Statista).

Diversify your acquisition to strengthen your growth

We simplify the opening up of your acquisition to different levers. Centralise management on our platform to carry out cross-analyses and make your ads more effective. The aim is to approach each audience on the right channel to trigger incremental sales and generate additional revenue.

Let your products inspire buyers

To date, 52% of online shops are discovered thanks to social networks. Social Ads through Pinterest, Facebook Discovery Commerce, etc. offers positioning solutions that enable your products to find the right users. Your product catalogue is promoted to Internet users likely to be interested in your brand, right from the inspiration phase. The aim is to anticipate demand thanks to high-performance targeting.

Campaign automation across all channels


Automated actions on several campaigns and ad groups at once, directly from the platform, using a test and learn approach.

Our solution has already helped create 150 success stories.

E-commerce players who rely on our smart catalogue management platform to support their e-commerce growth.


Connect data and generate growth thanks to our integrations