Tik Tok Ads :
Sell on the new e-commerce playing field

TikTok is the social platform that showcases your products in video format. It’s a fast-growing acquisition channel for promoting your catalogue.


Why TikTok ?


Millions of active users in France


Discover new products thanks to the app


Average minutes per day spent on TikTok

Trend-setting video content

TikTok offers short, personalised videos, enhanced by Augmented Reality touches that immerse you in the action. Features that have made the platform a success: to date, 64%* of users include filters in their mini-clips (*Source: Hootsuite).

Ideal leverage for BtoC

84%* of users are over 18. Although there has been significant growth in the 25-44 age group, the TikTok target remains young, with 49%* of users aged 18-24. This is an interesting way of reaching a committed community that opens the application an average of 7 times* a day (*Source: TikTok).

Your multi-format TikTok Ads campaigns


15-second video spots that appear organically in users’ news feeds to encourage them to make a purchase. A format that links to the landing page of your choice.

Splash Page

Images or short videos shown for a few seconds when the user opens the application. This format redirects the user to a landing page of your choice.

Hashtags Challenge

Create a challenge specific to your brand and publish it. A format that actively engages users, encouraging them to take part in your content creation challenge for 6 days.

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