Reveal products that could generate additional sales


On average, less than 5% of the product catalogue generates +90% of sales.

The distribution algorithms only focus on the best sellers.

It’s impossible to exploit the potential of thousands of products without technology.

The multiplicity of acquisition channels makes acquisition management time-consuming.

You could generate additional turnover from the remaining 95% of products in your catalogue.

Identify the sales potential of each of your products.

By collecting and comparing hundreds of parameters from your product data, market data and business objectives, we feed our machine learning algorithms to help you identify this untapped potential.

Market data :

Identify the attractiveness of your products on the market.


Product data :

Compare the overall demand for each of your products with its availability rate and price positioning in relation to your competitors, so you never miss another sale.

Business objectives :

Integrate your sales volume or profitability targets to refine the recommendations.

Maximise performance

of your top products and unlock additional sales on the rest of the catalogue.

Maximise the value of every euro invested in your campaigns by perfecting the results from your top products. Then shift the ceiling on your growth by working on the untapped potential of your remaining products.

Rest of the catalogue :

+10 intermediate clusters to be worked on according to your objectives

Automate optimisation

cross-channel and real-time budget arbitration

Never miss a sale again!

Automate the time-consuming tasks associated with campaign optimisation, so you can save time and concentrate on running your e-commerce business.

Optimise the allocation of advertising resources in real time.

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