Transactional sites : A lead gen strategy based on the performance of your final sales on SEA and SMA levers



Marketers said that generating traffic and leads was their biggest challenge (Hubspot).

Generate qualified traffic through high-performance targeting

With strong competition on generic terms that don’t particularly offer better performance, our growth solution enables you to position yourself on long-tail queries thanks to intelligent targeting using our powerful algorithms that collect millions of market data points. A more effective and profitable solution for your lead generation strategy.

Diversify your traffic acquisition through multi-levers

Google Ads is a key growth driver for lead generation. Up to 80% of the requests generated are quotes to be processed commercially. Opening up your acquisition to multi-levers means removing the ceiling on this growth. We centralise the management of all the levers on our platform to carry out cross-analyses and make your ads more effective. The aim is to generate more requests for quotes, which means even more sales.

Based on your actual conversions

Our promise: drive profitability and lead quality. We focus on the final transformation of leads generated by SEA and SMA by linking our platform to your customer CRM. The aim is to measure the final profitability of our actions via the quotes generated.

Campaign automation across all channels


Automated actions on several campaigns and ad groups at once, directly from the platform, using a test and learn approach.

Our solution has already helped create 150 success stories.

E-commerce players who rely on our smart catalogue management platform to support their e-commerce growth.


Connect data and generate growth thanks to our integrations