Pinterest ads: Inspire your future customers with visual search

As a full-funnel acquisition lever, Pinterest allows you to promote the products in your catalogue at the right moment in each user’s journey.


Why Pinterest Ads ?


Millions of active users in France


Go to Pinterest to make a purchase


Discovered new products

Let your product catalogue inspire your visitors

Pinterest is much more than a social network, it’s the benchmark inspiration platform. Pinterest allows you to reach your audience from the beginning of the acquisition tunnel, right from the inspiration phase thanks to targeted advertising content. 98% of users say they’ve tried new things they’ve found on Pinterest. A complementary lever to strengthen your acquisition strategy (*Source: Pinterest).

A full-funnel solution to generate more intentional traffic

More than 1 in 2* Pinterest users come to the application with the intention of buying, and 97% of them search for products with no brand intention. A complementary lever for raising awareness of your brand and generating more qualified traffic (*Source: Pinterest).

Your multi-format Pinterest Ads campaigns

Standard pins

These take the form of a vertical or square publication through which you can present one of the products in your catalogue.


Enhance your ad with several images on the same ad, which your audience can scroll through. Ideal for promoting several products from your catalogue at the same time.

Collection & Shopping

The shopping format lets you convert your product pins into ads. The collection format is a hybrid format that allows you to showcase your product catalogue.

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