your sources of income

Don’t be dependent on just one sales channel.


Buying patterns are omnichannel

Are done on a marketplace.

Via social networks.

On merchant websites.

On supermarket websites, delivery apps or private sales.

Diversify and strengthen your growth with a cross-channel strategy

Don’t miss a single sales opportunity.

We simplify this diversification

thanks to our platform, which centralises all your online advertising channels:

 Google, Amazon, Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, Bing, CDiscount, etc…

Without Steerfox
Avec Steerfox

Marketing actions in silos

Coordinated campaigns from a single platform

Centralise all your campaigns

on a single platform for seamless coordination.

Save precious time by avoiding the tasks associated with managing multiple interfaces. Greater efficiency at every stage.

A multi-channel strategy

A cross-channel strategy

Opt for cross-channel,

where cross-analysis of your data propels your ads to better performance.

Create synergies between the different channels to strengthen the overall impact of your online presence.

An untargeted product offering

A product offering tailored to each channel

Our predictive algorithms enable you to distribute the right product to the right channel,

maximising the relevance of your ads.

Let the power of prediction optimise every broadcast.

How do merchants use SteerFox so that they are no longer dependent on a single sales channel?

A solution tailored to your business.

Online activity only

Online + Offline activity

And these same customers recommend us with their eyes shut

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