• Amazon Ads Europe sales: +40
  • Amazon Ads ROAS in Europe: +21

Presentation and issues

Pébéo has been the benchmark for online sales of colours for the fine arts, creative leisure, interior design and children for over 100 years. They offer a wide choice of products with over 3,500 items in their catalogue.
Opening up internationally with a different approach for each country
Increase sales volumes on Amazon
Improve the profitability of campaigns


For Pébéo, we deployed an acquisition strategy consistent with the brand’s overall strategy and objectives in 5 stages:
  1. Deployment of a different strategy for each country (France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain) based on the specific characteristics of each market.
  2. Detection of opportunities on products with high demand and low investment.
  3. Restructuring of campaigns with differentiation based on attributes such as colours and formats in order to broadcast on highly targeted search terms.
  4. Implementation of a brand and non-brand strategy
  5. Integration of customer ratings of products into the scoring to favour the best-rated products in the Pébéo top products and strengthen the brand image.