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Frequently asked questions

What acquisition levers does SteerFox cover?

The SteerFox solution centralises +8 acquisition channels: Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (Bing & Meta), Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram), Pinterest Ads, TikTok Ads, Amazon Ads, CDiscount Ads, ManoMano Ads.

What data sources does SteerFox collect to optimise e-commerce acquisition?

As with any AI-based solution, the quantity and diversity of the data can make the models even more powerful. We therefore encourage e-tailers to share their 360 e-commerce data with us: actual sales from their back office or ERP, product stocks, business objectives, margins, etc.

How does the platform detect the individual sales potential of each product?

We compare your product catalogue with market demand and the competition in your market to give each product a score for its sales potential by channel. This score is dynamic and adjusted several times a day for optimum management.

Am I accompanied or on my own?

Our team of e-commerce acquisition consultants will work with you to define and deploy a strategy in line with your growth and/or profitability objectives.

Can I get help setting up my account?

Our team will support you during the set-up phase to create your SteerFox instance and aggregate your 360 e-commerce data.