SEA Agency you said?

SEA agency for 5 years, SteerFox has been providing technology and support to e-merchants and lead generation companies to help them generate additional income.

Our credo : ave the upper hand to develop, manage and improve our customers’ campaigns.

Our difference : Owner of our technology and billions of B2C data, we predict where their marketing will be effective and we automate the optimization of campaigns for more responsiveness.

SEA agency SteerFox
SEA agency SteerFox platform

SteerFox uses intelligent algorithms to create optimized advertising campaigns that target your customers at the right time and place.

+20 to 60%ROAS
8 to 20 hoursEarned, per week in the management of your campaigns
+10 to 40%Turnover online
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Why choose the SteerFox SEA agency?

We are at the forefront of SEA. We offer cutting-edge expertise and technology unique in France to help you optimize your advertising campaigns.

Customer Journey | SEA agency SteerFox

Customer Journey

Precisely weigh the influence of each channel on your sales. Automatically adjust your budgets in real time.

Smart Data | SEA agency SteerFox

Smart Data

Dynamically anticipate your sales thanks to our 50 billion of data mixed with your CRM data. Go to predictive SEA.

Machine learning and Human | SEA agency SteerFox

Machine + human

Take advantage of the power of our algorithms and the expertise of our teams who transform insights into action.

Personalized reporting| SEA agency SteerFox

Personalized reporting

Follow your advertising performance in real time with your clear and dynamic multi-source dashboard.

Join the hundreds of customers using the Steerfox SEA platform

Customers | SEA agency SteerFox

How to get started?

Start with the free analysis of your campaigns.

    SteerFox : SEA agency that boost your traffic.

    To boost and optimize your visibility on search engines, and especially on Google, our SEA agency optimizes all your advertising campaigns.

    Thanks to our Big Data platform, the SEA strategy that we deploy is at the forefront of Webmarketing.

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    To make sales with your e-commerce site you must be visible. The strategy of our SEA agency consists in optimizing your Google Ads campaigns and / or campaigns on marketplaces, in order to guarantee you an increasingly profitable return on investment.
    Your campaigns generate qualified traffic and you are making more and more sales.

    An innovative tool and unique cutting-edge technology

    The SEA optimization tool we developed is unique and innovative in digital marketing.
    Steerfox uses powerful algorithms to create highly targeted advertising campaigns. Our intelligent robots then optimize your daily advertising campaigns. All your keywords and bids are adjusted to maximize your conversions and advertising results.

    Choose our SEA agency to improve your advertising campaigns

    How it works ?

    Well, it’s simple: our SEA experts take care of everything. Within two days your advertising campaigns are in place. You have nothing to do: tracking and optimization are automated by our robots.

    To be clear, your entire strategy on research networks and/or marketplaces is entirely managed by SteerFox. Managing your campaigns becomes simple and efficient. Our SEA agency take care of it. You can then follow the evolution of your campaigns in real time, on a dedicated dashboard.

    Improved campaigns performances

    According to your objectives, we deploy the adapted advertising campaign. Our tool maximizes your budget to generate a higher conversion value than you would get with a traditional ad campaign.

    SteerFox allows you to boost your campaign performance and generate qualified traffic. Our tool combines the management of standard and remarketing campaigns (dynamic and static).
    Visually your ads are attractive and attract your targets to where they are looking for the product they need.

    Unlike standard campaigns, campaigns with Steerfox are automatically optimized according to your budget. Our system doesn’t necessarily outbid the highest click-through auctions. It intelligently focuses on those that will bring you the most conversions. Your products are thus offered to the right person, at the right time and place. Most importantly, they are subject to customers who are most conducive to conversion. They are also the most willing customers to spend more.

    What do you earn? More sales and more revenue, and all with the same budget as a traditional campaign.