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The pillars of our SEA growth solution

01 .

All of your SEA channels managed on a single technological platform

Confronted with a lack of suitable solutions for managing your acquisition marketing and optimizing your product catalog, we have created a unique technology which is devoted to SEA. We have devoted 6 years to R&D in order to provide e-retailers with the best AI-based predictive platform. We integrate all of your data and market data to predict where marketing shall be effective.

02 .

Une vraie gestion de votre acquisition SEA

Besoin de professionnels impliqués ? La combinaison de l’expertise SEA et de l’expertise e-commerce permet à nos data analyst de comprendre votre secteur d’activité. Ils s’appuient sur notre technologie pour piloter vos campagnes de manière intelligente et atteindre vos objectifs.

03 .

Unleash the potential of your catalog

Does less than 5% of your catalog generates 80% of your online sales? Too many SEA campaigns have come across a very low ROI (return on investment)t. We build a tailor-made strategy, which is in keeping with your activity and your product catalog to trigger the individual potential of every product and achieve profitable and sustainable growth in your sales.


04 .

A performance measurement analytics solution per product and per SEA channel

It is essential for you and for us to properly understand the potential of each product on each channel. Knowing which product to sell, when to sell it, and on which leverage is our only priority.

Pierre Gaudet

Pierre Gaudet, CEO de SteerFox

We provide advertisers with unique technology and expert support, to improve their SEA campaigns and generate additional revenue.

Efficient SEA campaigns


Identification of the individual potential of each product by SEA channel.


Real-time budget arbitrations per channel to maximize product sales and ROI.


Optimisation of your profitability depending on your margins and availability on a per product basis.


Management by a SEA expert to focus on your e-commerce activity (product sourcing, management of your site, logistics, etc.)


Intégration of your competitive environment within investment strategies on a per product basis.


Performance reporting product by product and lever by lever on your dashboard

Des campagnes SEA efficientes

Our multi-channel SEA agency expertise:
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Agence SEA multileviers

Let’s make the most of the multi-lever complementarity to speed-up the growth of your online sales

  • Google Ads & CSS

  • Amazon advertizing

  • Facebook advertizing

  • Instagram advertizing

  • Microsoft advertizing

  • Pinterest advertizing

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Performance & Commitment


“I have complete confidence in SteerFox’s capability to optimize my budget in the long run. They adapt to the period, to the COVID pandemic, to flagship products, to the drop in prices of competitors, etc …In short, performance, strength and long lasting”

Nicolas Metairie,




“SteerFox has been our SEA partner for almost 5 years. We regularly interact on priorities, innovations and new optimization methods that can be implemented through their platform.”

Cédric Blondel,

Communication & Marketing Director,


“SteerFox has allowed us to improve the management of our campaigns quickly! Optimizations are made range by range and according to the profiles of prospects or customers. With SteerFox, in less than a year, we spent 30% less on expenses and our ROI was multiplied by two-fold.”

Clément Le Fournis,

Co-founder and Managing Director,


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