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Automated advertising solution for dropshipping

SteerFox is an intelligent advertising tool that automates the creation, management and optimisation of your advertising campaigns. You define your budget and goals, SteerFox takes care of everything else.

Google Ads in dropshipping

Multiply your acquisition channels without exceeding your SEA budget. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc, allow you to address specific and receptive audiences. SteerFox automatically optimizes your campaigns according to your objective: cost per acquisition, return on investment or cost per click. The worst-performing campaigns or keywords are automatically paused and the best ones are automated.
The result? You get more qualified traffic to your site and increase the number of sales.

Increase your dropshipping sales

Google Ads makes it possible to reach an audience that is thinking about buying a product. Facebook Ads offers the possibility to create a more targeted audience thanks to the information provided on profiles, in order to generate interest. It is therefore relevant to combine these different channels.
SteerFox’s powerful algorithms optimise your campaigns each day. Thanks to rigorous work, your budget is allocated to the campaigns, advertisements and keywords that provide the best return on investment.

Business scalable faster

The use of different sources (Google Ads, Google Shopping, Bing ads, Facebook Ads,…) will allow you to scale your business in dropshipping much faster thanks to all the data recovered. These data are processed by our platform and generate a continuous optimization of your campaigns.
Use SteerFox to optimize and automate the management of your multi-source campaigns and you will get significant results quickly.

Como reduces its CPA by 70%

Diversification was implemented, which allowed Como to reduce its calls while generating new leads. This strategy was effective with quick results. The use of different advertising levers such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads allowed Como to considerably increase its number of qualified leads while decreasing its CPA by 70%.

– 70%of CPA
+ and +qualified leads
+ 50%of leads generation

Companies of all sizes and sectors use SteerFox

Free audit, recommendations, easy launch

We chose SteerFox because of their responsiveness and transparency. We need to understand the behaviour of our visitors. The monthly reports are clear and precise, allowing us to make the right decisions.

Guillaume Rassin, Como