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Make the most of your entire SEA potential, to increase your online sales and boost traffic to your stores

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Retail players in France* sell their products online. A strong competitive pressure that you must confront. . (source : FEVAD)

How to build a SEA strategy that understands the global and local environment of retailers?

Understanding your SEA sales potential

Understanding your competitive advantages in terms of products, prices, margins, availability, seasonality, etc… is essential for us, so that we can build an efficient SEA strategy.

Maximiser vos parts de voix en ligne

Maximize your share of voice online

Boost online sales of your top products. Maximize your share of voice on online sales. Activate several channels: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, etc… And increase your trading area so that you can generate additional revenue.

Generate more traffic at the point of sale

Complement your marketing efforts to generate more physical traffic. Inform your local community of prospects, in terms of your in-store inventory and new products. Generate visits in-store, for a minimal investment thanks to Local Inventory Ads.

Générer plus de trafic en points de vente

I have complete confidence in SteerFox’s capability to optimize my budget in the long run. It’s simple we wanted to leave Steerfox, after a first experience because a friend offered to hire an in-house “expert”. It was a disaster and I realized that Steerfox’s progress was not only consistent but efficient. They adapt to the period, to the COVID pandemic, to flagship products, to the drop in prices of competitors, etc …In short, performance, strength and long lasting.

Nicolas Metairie, Founder, Pharmarket

What are your growth challenges as a retailer?

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