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E-commerce sites on an average, per product, are displayed on Google Shopping.

How to build an SEA strategy that releases
the potential of your product catalog?

Google, the essential SEA channel

Google is an essential growth channel for Pure Players with 85%(*) market share on desktop search and 97%(*) on mobile. It is the first channel to activate and strengthen in the improvement of your campaigns.
(*Source : Statista)

Diversify your acquisition to strengthen your SEA growth

Centralized management on our platform to perform cross-analysis and make your ads more effective. The goal is to approach each audience on the right channel and trigger incremental sales and trigger additional revenue.

Make Internet users discover your products by targeting them during the inspiration phase

52% of online stores are discovered through social networks, till date. Social Ads through Pinterest, Facebook Discovery Commerce, etc… offers positioning solutions that favor your products and find the right users. Promote your product catalog with users who are likely to be interested in your brand, from the inspiration phase to anticipate the demand through an ultra-efficient targeting.

 Faire découvrir vos produits aux internautes en les ciblant dès la phase d'inspiration

SteerFox’s automated approach which combines Artificial Intelligence, algorithms, learning curve and human actions through the support of our account manager, convinced us to address another way of carrying SEA and Google Shopping + CSS campaigns.

Béatrice Nalpas-Cala, Castex

What are your growth challenges as a Pure Player !

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