To choose the best Adword agency for your e-commerce business or to feature your services, the obvious thing to do is to choose qualified Adword managers with experience and, of course, certified by Google.

Google Red Premier Partner Status

There are several levels of certification issued by Google. SteerFox’s knowhow has earned them the Adwords Google Premier Partner (RED) certification. It is the highest level of certification offered to-date.

SteerFox’s strength is to have developed, with the help of scientists and the powerful, ultra-performing algorithmic tools, continuous monitoring and optimization during AdWords campaigns. To simplify: while other agencies slept, our robots continued to work night and day, in order to guarantee a maximum return on investment (ROI) and easy marketing for you. Our algorithms adjust your campaigns in real time, taking into consideration, the timing of a competitive key word, for example, the moment the key word is performing well or not.

Search, Display, Google Shopping and Much More

When you think of Google Adwords, you inevitably think that a search results in ads being placed on top of the page. However, there’s a whole array of placement positions possible to spread out your ads. SteerFox is capable of managing the various services offered by Google—Google Shopping of course, but also the Display network, which allows the publishing of targeted ads toward sites related to your subject matter. Retargeting, mobile targeting, but also geographic targeting are also an integral part of our algorithm.

Adwords Campaign Creation

Let’s remember that before optimizing one or more campaigns, you must first create the ads. The bigger your catalog, the harder the task. Let SteerFox take care of this part of the work  and you will not lose a significant amount of precious time doing this yourself. Our proprietary software allows for automatic creation of thousands of ads in just a few minutes. This includes, specifically, the creation of banners for the Display network. Thus, SteerFox gives you a running start in advance from the very beginning of your ad campaigns. We are not a Google Premier Partner for nothing!

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