You’re an Adwords consultant, whether working independently, in an agency, or working for an advertiser. Did you know that Steerfox is also an analytical tool for Adwords campaigns, Adword Shopping, as well as for organic search visibility?

Google Adwords: Too Complex of an Interface for Analysis

The major inconvenience of Google Adwords is its user interface. Being so complex, it slows down access to fast analysis and data overview in ad campaigns. Steerfox acknowledges this issue and proposes a simplified interface that permits the creation of complete reports for your clients. Imagine something like SEMRush, which is dedicated to Adwords and Google Shopping. The reports allow, at the blink of an eye, the ability to follow the overall evolution of an account. More importantly, to detect and correct significant, unsuccessful campaign problems in one click.

Effective Management of Large Catalogs

An Adword consultant up against a 5000 product catalog often finds himself surpassing the allocated budget. Even if Excel scripts and other tools incorporate the automation of certain tasks, sizable catalogs are always a pain in the neck. It is nearly impossible to precisely track every campaign, every key phrase and every key word. Steerfox uses artificial intelligence to handle substantial amounts of data. This gives clients the freedom to correct each campaign by hand or to use the interface tools at their disposition in order to automatically optimize the ineffective ads. With Steerfox you are able to be more effective, taking on more clients, which means you can work less but earn more!

Presentation Reports: Decrease Work Hours

Report preparation is one of the most time-consuming activities there is. Writing a report with interesting data for the client and justifying the month’s work is often a task most Adword consultants dislike the most. Steerfox is on the case and enables you to export data to your specifications for reporting purposes. Charts, graphs and raw data are laid out for you in white mark. All that is necessary for you to do is to place your logo/visual identify and let Steerfox do the rest for you.

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