Como decreases its CPA by 70%

Founded in 1938, the Como Group is a distributor and authorised repairer of the smart, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus brands in 21 outlets in the Paris region. In total, the group sells around 8,500 vehicles per year. With these three major brands, Como has established itself on the Paris and Ile-de-France automobile markets as the specialist in the distribution and repair of top-of-the-range cars.

– 70%of CPA
+ and +qualified leads
+50%lead generation
Sector: Automotive
Location: France

The challenge

The goal is not to get the most conversions, but to get more and more qualified leads. In this area, it is important to have good communication and to be reactive. In addition, Como wants to improve its KPIs.

The solution

SteerFox combines its technique and know-how with its Google certified experts to manage Como’s campaigns on a daily basis. This operation requires human interaction and regular monitoring for the implementation of the campaigns, as well as for the reports submitted monthly.

In this sector, the segmentation of campaigns by offer is essential because it allows the acquisition strategies of each dealership to be tuned in an industrialized manner.

We chose SteerFox because of their responsiveness and transparency. We need to understand the behaviour of our visitors. The monthly reports are clear and precise, enabling us to make the right decisions.

Guillaume Rassin, Como


Diversification was implemented, which allowed Como to reduce its calls while generating new leads, this strategy was effective with quick results. The use of different advertising levers such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads allowed Como to considerably increase its number of qualified leads while decreasing its CPA by 70%.

– 70%of CPA
+ and +qualified leads
+50%lead generation

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