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Increase interest in your properties.
No effort required.

What if you could promote all your property listings to the right people at the right time without lifting a finger? And, even better, automatically update every single ad whenever there’s a change in price, availability or profit margin?

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Advertising automation software for property development companies

SteerFox is an advertising automation solution that can automate every aspect of the creation, management and optimisation of your online ad campaigns. You set the budget and campaign objectives, SteerFox takes care of the rest.

Increase qualified traffic

Not only can SteerFox create campaigns for each development project as a whole but it can also automatically create customised ads for each single individual property including images/floor plan. Each property can then be individually promoted to potential buyers in the local area.

You set the objectives according to the cost per acquisition or margin you want per property and SteerFox will optimise your campaigns accordingly.

Advertising automation for property development
Advertising automation for property development

Use your budget intelligently

SteerFox will optimise your bids on a daily basis according to which ads, campaigns and keywords are performing the best. Our algorithms will also intelligently raise or lower bids according to take-up rate or sale deadlines from the pre-sale launch to the last must-sell property.

This means you can prioritize your budget while ensuring the best return for your investment.

Boost your visibility

Use SteerFox to easily create and manage campaigns across multiple networks including Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram.

This means more exposure without extra work for you – plus the opportunity to show off beautiful images of your properties.

Adverting automation for property development

Try SteerFox
Free audit, no minimum contract, easy to get started


Promote all your property listings

100 properties or 100,000 properties, in a few minutes SteerFox will automatically create customised ads and keywords for all your listings.


Stay ahead of your competitors

SteerFox’s intelligent algorithms can bid to ensure the ranking you want compared to your competitors.


Never worry about ads being out of date

All your campaigns will be automatically updated on a daily basis according to a feed from your site. Changes in price, description and availability will be reflected in your ads without you lifting a finger.


Keep track of your results in real-time

Forget waiting to schedule a meeting with your agency, with SteerFox you get access to a reporting dashboard with results updated in real-time from all your campaigns across all your networks.

Businesses of all sizes and sectors use SteerFox

Try SteerFox
Free audit, no minimum contract, easy to get started

Get started easily

  1. Integrate a feed of your properties directly into SteerFox
  2. SteerFox will automatically create, manage and optimize your campaigns according to your objectives
  3. Keep track of your results in real-time via the online dashboard.

How SteerFox works

“Using SteerFox not only meant we can gain time but it’s also less expensive than a traditional agency to manage campaigns – particularly for a large number of products.”

Benjamin Peron Pharmacist,

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