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A channel which is underestimated by advertisers but ideal for sustainable growth
and profitable from your online sales.

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Bing is the technology used by Yahoo! in France. Its market share (on the desktop part) is much lower than Google’s, but has great potential for e-commerce performance.

Less competitive and more affordable advertising leverage

Microsoft search engines have a much lower search volume than Google with 1.2% * market share on mobile and around 10% * on the desktop in France. A less competitive channel which represents a great potential with 11.7 billion * monthly searches on Bing. A dual advantage for your advertising campaigns. On one hand, less advertisers allows you to achieve a higher impression share. On the other hand, campaign prices are between 33% * and 42% * lower for a large volume of keywords.
(Source : StatsCounter)

Un levier publicitaire moins concurrentiel et plus abordable
Un réseau de partenaires exclusifs

A network of exclusive partners

Microsoft owns a large network of research partners which includes Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and other syndicated partners. Our SEA experts manage your Microsoft Ads campaigns by considering on which channel your target audience will be and what their level of engagement shall be per lever and for each of the products in your catalog.
(Source : StatsCounter)

SEA leverage complementary to Google Ads

Microsoft Ads is an ideal complementary channel to head further than Google. By making the most of both channels, your acquisition will be more efficient. Our experts will be able to promote your product catalog to more Internet users and position your brand while some of your competitors stay away.

Un levier SEA complémentaire à Google Ads

SteerFox’s automated approach which combines Artificial Intelligence, algorithms, learning curve and human actions through the support of our account manager, convinced us to address another way of carrying SEA and Google Shopping + CSS campaigns.

Béatrice Nalpas-Cala, Castex

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