Ticketmaster increases its ROI by 50%

Ticketmaster is the world leader in ticketing. Present in 27 countries, Ticketmaster offers a catalogue of more than 170,000 sessions on sale each year in France, available for booking to more than 3 million customers. Ticketmaster France has a team of around 100 people. The Ticketmaster network, made up of almost 800 points of sale, includes many major retailers such as Auchan, E-leclerc, Cultura, Cora, Furet du Nord, etc.

+ 50%ROI
– 37%CPA
+ 72%conversion rate
Sector: Billetterie
Location: France
Website: ticketmaster.fr

The challenge

Our partnership with Ticketmaster France started in August 2015. We customized SteerFox’s functionalities to the customer’s needs in the context of online ticket sales and created a true “in-house solution” thanks to the flexibility of our SaaS platform. In view of the large number of keywords to be optimised (several million) as well as the events to be controlled on a daily basis (more than 8,000), only an automated advertising solution such as SteerFox could be envisaged for Ticketmaster. Indeed, it would be impossible to manually manage an advertising system of this magnitude. Online ticketing is a demanding sector that requires working with voluminous product catalogues, with high turnover and rapid changes in availability. In addition, margin rates are low, specific to each event and evolve throughout the sales period according to several parameters. Ticketmaster’s key objective was to achieve an automated piloting of its advertising campaigns with a performance objective based on a “net return on investment” that can be finely controlled on a per-show basis.

The solution

In addition to exploiting the data available in the advertising networks, the SteerFox platform is constantly updated with Ticketmaster’s ticketing and business intelligence systems to enable advanced management according to the net margins and profitability rates of each show. In addition, the connection of the SteerFox multi-source platform to the various advertising networks (Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook) enables unified campaign management. Tailored interfaces allow the definition of show-by-show control settings and offer centralized reporting for all advertising networks, with simultaneous management of campaigns with different objectives (events, venues, tours).

SteerFox has been our SEA partner for almost 5 years. We liked their DNA right from the start, they automate acquisition campaigns according to the triggers that we together deemed relevant. The reports are personalised and punchy and we exchange very regularly on priorities, innovations and new optimisation methods that can be implemented thanks to their platform.

C├ędric Blondel, Communication and Marketing Director, Ticketmaster


Thanks to SteerFox’s functionalities, Ticketmaster France was able to optimize the management of its complex advertising campaigns in a simple and efficient way. The bids per show are optimised daily according to the availability and the margin generated by each event. The automation capabilities of the SteerFox solution on a catalogue as large as Ticketmaster’s allow the team to save precious time and to concentrate on the analysis and optimization of our strategy.

+ 50%ROI
– 37%CPA
+ 72%conversion rate

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