Castex increases its ROAS by more than 50%

Castex has been a French family business for five generations, founded in 1870. A major player in duck down for nearly 150 years, Castex specializes in the manufacture of prestige down duvets and is developing its offer through its online shop.

+70%on conversions
+40%on the conversion rate
Sector: Literie
Location: France

The challenge

Previously recorded results had deteriorated, Castex’s Branding campaigns tended to vampirize the campaigns carried out and off-brand KPIs were below targets.

The family business therefore decided to look for a new service provider able to provide a solution to the problem identified.

The solution

With the SteerFox platform, Castex was able to reorganize itself on a category and product-oriented logic, by integrating KPIs defined with SteerFox.  The campaigns are automatically updated on a daily basis according to price variations, stock changes or promotions. SteerFox brings its know-how and automation technology to improve the semantics and management of the campaigns. The campaigns can be consulted in real time on the SteerFox dashboard.

SteerFox’s automated approach combining Artificial Intelligence, algorithms, learning curve and human actions with the support of our account manager, convinced us to approach another way of doing SEA and Google Shopping + CSS campaigns. The relationship with SteerFox is fluid and professional. The monthly reports are the subject of exchanges and joint decision-making. If necessary, intermediate calls or exchanges by messaging demonstrate a real commitment and an appreciable availability.

Béatrice Nalpas-Cala, Castex


The solutions provided by SteerFox have enabled Castex to improve results, particularly in the off-brand segment, and to optimize campaigns through careful wording worked with Steerfox, in a context where competitive pressure has intensified. The last objective is to improve the cost per acquisition by refining campaigns and adjusting them according to the seasons.

+70%on conversions
+40%on the conversion rate

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