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In a highly competitive, unpredictable, sometimes irrational industry, SteerFox helps you inject rational and predictive thinking into your SEA campaigns, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and market-recognized SEA expertise.

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Automated advertising solution for real estate

SteerFox is an advertising tool that automates the creation, management and optimization of your online advertisements. You set your budget and goals, SteerFox takes care of everything else.

Increase your qualified traffic

SteerFox allows you to automatically create advertising campaigns for each of your real estate programs as well as personalized advertisements for each of your properties including their images and plans.
Each ad will be optimized according to potential buyers in the geographical area of the property. SteerFox optimizes your campaigns according to the objectives you have defined such as cost per acquisition, the sales marketing rate of a program according to the schedule or other internal indicators.

Get more from your budget

SteerFox optimizes your bids daily so that your advertisements, campaigns and keywords achieve the best performance. In addition, our algorithms will intelligently increase or adjust your bids to the best prices, depending on important pre-launch dates or the marketing rate of your program. This allows you to prioritize your budget while ensuring a better return on investment.

Increase your visibility

Use SteerFox to easily create and manage advertising campaigns across multiple sources including Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads.

You get more visibility without any additional work – and you can showcase beautiful images of your properties.

Como reduces its CPA by 70%

Diversification was implemented, which allowed Como to reduce its calls while generating new leads. This strategy was effective with quick results. The use of different advertising levers such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads allowed Como to considerably increase its number of qualified leads while decreasing its CPA by 70%.

+ and +qualified leads
+50%lead generation

Companies of all sizes and sectors use SteerFox

Free audit, recommendations, easy launch

We chose SteerFox because of their responsiveness and transparency. We need to understand the behaviour of our visitors. The monthly reports are clear and precise, allowing us to make the right decisions.

Guillaume Rassin, Como