Data-driven for SEA

SteerFox is the only French SEA agency having developed his full data repository and insight IA platform. This asset allows a top of the art optimisation of online acquisition campaigns.

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Traffic acquisition efficiency optimisation

Steerfox Platform gives his analysts the ability to access and analyze huge volumes of data in minutes, gathering those data from disparate back offices databases to determine patterns, probabilities, and trends. This data repository allows our analysts to outsmart the competition and make the right optimisation and investment decisions. This is a new era for a new concept: predictive SEA.

Data insights

Leveraging data from the present and the past is key for traffic acquisition campaign optimisation. Campaigns sources like Google , Bing , Facebook , Amazon each provide huge volume of data. These must be aggregated and treated in single place and mixed with CRM and other customer existing knowledge marketing database. , .. Since  2015, SteerFox Platform has collected and treated more than 50 billion data points.

CRM and GAFA back office connexion

Steerfox  platform gather data from all your existing tools (CRM, onsite optimisation, customer profile clustering, AB testing, mailing, etc) and from all GAFA back offices.

Machine learning and Artificial  Intelligence

Process starts through data gathering and treatment through machine learning and artificial intelligence . Thus allowing our move from big data to smart data. Digging into those huge volumes of data and treating it allows our analysts to make the best decisions for campaign optimisation. Our mantra: leveraging the past and present insights to predict the future.

Como reduces its CPA by 70%

Diversification was implemented, which allowed Como to reduce its calls while generating new leads. This strategy was effective with quick results. The use of different advertising levers such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads allowed Como to considerably increase its number of qualified leads while decreasing its CPA by 70%.

– 70%of CPA
+ and +qualified leads
+ 50%of leads generation

We chose SteerFox because of their responsiveness and transparency. We need to understand the behaviour of our visitors. The monthly reports are clear and precise, allowing us to make the right decisions.

Guillaume Rassin, Como