Customer Journey Analytics

What level of priority must you grant to each traffic source ? Thanks to our Customer Journey Analytics tool you can now boost the efficiency of Google Analytics. Our mathematical attribution models are similar to those offered by International well known companies, without incurring the cost or complexity.

Going further than a simple attribution model our tool allow channel influence allocation for any single sale.

Controllingthe source of conversions
Savea considerable amount of time
Optimizeyour future sales

The perfect complement to Google Analytics

Steerfox Platform analyze huge volumes of data in minutes, and quickly link data from disparate back offices databases to determine patterns, probabilities, and trends within his data repository.


Customer Journey Analytics is a powerful tool allowing you to buy traffic from the channels really affecting sales.Our platform can trigger actions automatically.

Budget allocation

You don’t only get the right pieces of information.OUr platform can automatically re-assign budgets to the appropriate channels every day.


Simple set up

No complex installation is needed. The tool can be used in 5 minutes.

Accessible dashboard

The dashboards interface is intentionally limited  to very few pages. Automated actions can be triggered from the insights.

Navigation path

Navigation path analysis is key to understand the full decision process of the customers.

Mix marketing

Data analysis set up the foundations for any further traffic acquisition strategic decisions.

Google Analytics best friend

Steerfox customer journey analytics is operational through a simple connection to your google analytics account.

For your team or agency

This tool can be used without the full Steerfox campaign management service. It can also be used by your agency.

Comparison with market tools

The price list will be available soon.