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How to build an SEA strategy for your specialized BtoB business?

Get more results from your Google advertising budget

Google Ads is the main lever of SEA acquisition in BtoB. The challenge is to combine human expertise and technological innovation and integrate thousands of key variables and generate efficient promotions. Your budget is automatically allocated to the SEA campaigns, ads and keywords that provide the best ROI (Return on Investment).

Obtenir plus de résultats de votre budget publicitaire Google
 Diversifier votre acquisition SEA grâce au pilotage multi-leviers

Diversify your SEA acquisition with multi-channel management

In BtoB, Amazon Ads and social Ads are additional levers that should not be neglected. Put your acquisition strategy at the disposal of multi-channel. The goal is twofold: on the one hand, to carry out a cross-analysis and make your ads more efficient. On the other hand, approach each audience on the right channel to trigger more qualified traffic and more sales.

High-performance targeting for your advertising campaigns

The acquisition effort is higher in B2B and requires a high performance targeting for each of your ads and ad groups. Your campaigns are driven by our smart algorithms that collect millions of market data so that they remain efficient, as ever.

Un ciblage ultra-performant pour vos campagnes publicitaires

We chose SteerFox due to their responsiveness and transparency. We need to understand the behavior trends of our visitors, the monthly reports are clear and precise and it allows us to make the right decisions.

Guillaume Rassin, Head of Marketing, Como

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