A unique technological
solution for your
e-commerce growth

A unique technological solution for

your e-commerce growth

Reach your growth potential
Une technologie unique : solution pour votre croissance e-commerce

Integration of your product feed and business objectives

A product feed is all you need to start the management of your SEA campaigns. We collect all the product data (prices, availability, delivery time, seasonality, etc.) but also your growth goals (margins, average basket, sales, etc.)


Collecting data from your competitive environment

Our platform collects millions of data to make its SEA models more accurate and surpass your goals: :

  • Marketplace data: search volumes per product, emerging trends, etc
  • Competitive data: prices, availability, delivery times, etc.

Definition of your growth potential through our smart algorithms

Collection of multisource data and the granular analysis of your product catalog helps our platform to define the potential of each of your products. The objective is to detect the ROI Driven actions that need to be executed, to achieve your commercial goals.


Automatic smart generation of your ads

Development of R&D at SteerFox has allowed us to automate tasks and actions that are time-consuming for humans. Our technology allows us to create your SEA campaigns based on a test and define an approach both efficient and unique to your business needs.


Individual product scoring

Our technology allows a granular analysis of your performance by product and by SEA channel. The goal is to Identify which product and which categories need investment per SEA channel.


SEA Multi-channel management

The centralized management of your SEA campaigns on our platform favors more efficiency. Multi-channel activation creates real added value for your product strategy due to the synergies that are created between the different SEA channels: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest, Bing, YouTube, etc..


IA predictive SEA

The combination of multi-source data collection and powerful proprietary algorithms allows our platform to develop predictive SEA models. The aim is to maximize your revenue per product by advertising the right product, on the right SEA channel at the right time.


Performance tracking dashboard by product and channel

We developed the SteerFox platform through efficiency and transparency in mind. A tool that gives you a global view of your campaigns and allows you to track down your performance per product and per channel.

SteerFox has allowed us to improve the management of our campaigns quickly! Optimizations are made range by range and according to the profiles of prospects or customers. With SteerFox, in less than a year, we spent 30% less on expenses and our ROI was multiplied by two-fold.

Clément Le Fournis, Co-founder and Managing Director, Agriconomie

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