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Increase your sales on Google Shopping
– without lifting a finger.

What if you could create and optimise Google Shopping campaigns for every single product in your catalog at the push of button? And have campaigns automatically update whenever there’s a change in price or availability?

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Google Shopping Automation

SteerFox is an advertising automation solution that can automate every aspect of the creation, management and optimization of your Google Shopping campaigns. You set the budget and campaign objectives, SteerFox takes care of the rest.

Boost sales from your whole product catalog

SteerFox will automatically optimize your product feed in order to create the best ads possible including adding additional details to product titles or selecting the best images. The result? Your good-looking, highly relevant ads will lead to increased conversions and higher online revenues.

Pharma360 doubled their online revenue using SteerFox. Learn more.

Google Shopping Automation

Get more for your budget

SteerFox will automatically optimize your campaigns on a daily basis according to your target cost-per-acquisition, return on investment or cost-per-click. Thanks to this attention to detail, your budget is focussed only on the campaigns, ads and keywords that bring results giving you a better return on investment.

MySquash increased their return-on-investment by 146%. Learn more.

Predict customer behavior

SteerFox can automatically apply external data such as the weather forecast, Google Trends or sports results to optimize your Google Shopping campaigns even further. This means that your campaigns react in real-time to what your customers are looking for (and before your competitors have caught up).

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SteerFox is a Google Premier Partner

Becoming a Google Premier Partner recognizes not only our team’s specialized knowledge of Google products but also the high level of service we provide businesses in getting results from their online campaigns.


Promote your whole product catalogue

100 products or 100,000 products, in a few minutes SteerFox will automatically create ads and keywords for your whole catalogue.


Stay ahead of your competitors

SteerFox’s algorithms can bid competitively to ensure you have the ranking you want. Our competitive analysis can also alert you to price differences which are affecting your conversion rates.


Optimized product feed

SteerFox will automatically optimize your product feed to ensure your campaigns will have the best performances possible.


Predict the future

SteerFox can add additional data from your own databases or from external sources such as the weather, Google Trends and customer reviews to adapt your ads and bidding strategy accordingly.


Never worry about ads being out of date

All campaigns are automatically updated according to your product feed. Changes in price, stock levels or even special promotions will all be reflected in your ads without you lifting a finger


Keep track of your results in real-time

Forget waiting to schedule a meeting with your agency, with SteerFox you get access to a reporting dashboard with results updated in real-time from all your campaigns across all your networks.

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Get started easily

  1. Integrate your product feed using one of our plugins for your ecommerce site (available for Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify) or upload your feed directly into SteerFox
  2. SteerFox will automatically create, manage and optimize your campaigns according to your objectives
  3. Keep track of your results in real-time via the online dashboard.

“Using SteerFox means that I am less reliant on the big marketplaces and I save so much time managing my advertising campaigns. The SteerFox team’s support and expertise means that my campaigns are closely monitored and they make the whole process so easy.”

Arnaud Batard Director, Fournitures Auto

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