Pharma360 doubles online revenues
thanks to SteerFox

increase in return on investment (ROI)

reduction in cost per click (CPC)

reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA)

Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness⎪ Location: France ⎪ Platform(s): Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Facebook ⎪ Website:


Pharma360 is an online retailer specializing in health, beauty and wellness products selling over 300 brands on their site. The family business was launched in 1986 and have been selling online for the last three years.

At the beginning the focus was on marketplaces as a distribution channel but later the strategy evolved to drive sales via their website. Starting out with an agency managing their online campaigns, Pharma360 soon ran into a problem with Google who suspended all pharmacy ad accounts even if they were not actively selling medication. The SteerFox team managed to re-obtain the authorization from Google to sell parapharmacy products and started the campaigns afresh.

For Benjamin Peron, pharmacist and the main person responsible for managing the website at Pharma360, it was SteerFox’s automation technology that was the biggest advantage: “Running ad campaigns is very time consuming and complicated and we simply do not have the internal resource to manage it ourselves. The fact that SteerFox is an automated tool means we can also easily add new products to our campaigns.”

Campaigns are launched

The online healthy and beauty sector is extremely competitive so the main objectives of the ad campaigns were to boost brand awareness, gain new clients and improve online sales. Campaigns were rapidly launched on Google Adwords, Google Shopping and Facebook; choosing SteerFox meant that Pharma360 were able to create and manage ad campaigns for all their different channels from the same platform.

The SteerFox tool can automatically create campaigns based on a product feed URL and then intelligently optimize the ad for each individual product. This meant that Pharma360 could easily create ad campaigns for their entire product catalog rather than being limited to a certain number of products as they had been with their agency.

“Using SteerFox not only meant we can gain time but it’s also less expensive than a traditional agency to manage campaigns – particularly for a large number of products.”

Benjamin Peron Pharmacist,



Benjamin soon saw the benefits of SteerFox’s automated algorithms optimizing their campaign bids and keywords on a daily basis in their online revenues so he decided to significantly increase his ad investment: “The impact of SteerFox’s activity was reflected directly on our bottom line. Almost as soon as we began using the solution our online revenues increased dramatically thanks to our optimized ad campaigns.”

Specific results include:

  • 219% increase in return on investment (ROI)
  • 48% reduction in cost per click (CPC)
  • 35% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • 2x increase in online revenues

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