My Squash Boosts Conversions by 133% Using SteerFox

increase in ad clicks

increase in conversions

increase in return on investment

Industry: Sport ⎪ Location: France ⎪ Platform(s): Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Facebook ⎪ Website:


My Squash is an online retailer specializing in squash products for male and female players of all levels. The website was launched in 2009 but underwent a major redesign at the beginning of the year.

My Squash’s CEO, Olivier Gracia, wanted to find new ways to attract more clients and selected SteerFox as his paid advertising solution: “I was planning to run the paid advertising campaigns myself but then I discovered SteerFox by chance. I decided to give it a try as I knew that launching the campaigns would be very time consuming and would require a lot of testing before they started performing.”

“I also liked how reactive the SteerFox team were, I felt that they understood my business and my needs and that we could work closely together on the campaigns – which is not something that you find when working with an agency for example.”

Campaigns are launched

Squash is quite a niche sector and not the most well-known sport in France or in Europe so the objective of the campaigns was to raise the visibility of the website and increase qualified visitors.

Getting started was easy, campaigns on Google Adwords, Google Shopping and Facebook were rapidly launched using the SteerFox platform. These campaigns would allow My-Squash to be visible across the whole of France without a huge investment.

My Squash benefitted from SteerFox’s automated algorithms which optimized their campaign bids and keywords on a daily basis. They could then keep track of the results in real-time via their SteerFox dashboard. “I look at the dashboard nearly every day to see if there’s been a positive or negative impact” explains Olivier.

“One of the main advantages of using SteerFox was how fast the setup was – within 48 hours my campaigns were up and running. It also saved me several days of work plus at least 4 hours every week on managing and optimizing the campaigns. ”

Olivier Gracia CEO, My Squash



Since starting to use SteerFox the ad campaigns have resulted in a significant increase in qualified traffic and new clients. My Squash are now planning to expand their campaigns to other markets including the UK and Germany.

Specific results include:

  • 152% increase in ad clicks
  • 133% increase in on-site conversions
  • 146% increase in ROI compared to the original objective
  • 50% of sales now come from leads generated by paid campaigns

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