About Us

About us

Steerfox is a crucial partner for ecommerce retailers that want to improve their online ad performance.


Pierre GaudetSteerFox’s CEO is Pierre Gaudet. Pierre was the COO at Kelkoo, the European price comparison leader, which was sold to Yahoo in 2004. Kelkoo handled tens of thousands of small to medium size businesses but large accounts, as well. Kelkoo delivered large volumes of traffic to online stores.

After 15 years at the helm of various leading world companies related to internet traffic acquisition, advertising campaign management and programmed buying, Pierre Gaudet is convinced that e-commerce retailers cannot dedicate enough time to develop all the expertise necessary to their online marketing needs. These businesses are not able to pay the minimum fees to have access to these specialized agency solutions that, in general, require a minimum budget of 10,000 euros per month.

For these reasons, SteerFox has invested significant finances for technical and specialized robot development to demonstrate top notch expertise delivered to all size ecommerce retailers, as well as to agencies–the objective being to offer these services at a very low cost. The Steerfox team is comprised of different, highly skilled individuals whatever their area of expertise: marketing, applied mathematics, computer infrastructure and site development.